one direction.

Niall: “When it came to it, he didn’t take enough breaths. He’s got an incredible voice, really rocky tone and he knows how to use it. He thought he let everyone down but no, he didn’t at all.”

Harry: “It was one of those times where you’re kind of feeling a bit sorry for yourself so you’re looking for bad comments to kind of make sure that you’re right about it being bad. So I went online and had a look at what people were saying about me.”

Niall: “The stuff that people were saying about him was just disgusting and no one wants to go and read that stuff about themselves. No matter who they are.”

Harry: “Actually, I went on my phone, and I actually searched for… I typed in “Harry sh!t” on my phone. And I just read like… so I read kind of just a massive list of these comments… if there’s 3 people saying you’re amazing you don’t think, “why are they saying I’m amazing?” because they’re saying you’re amazing because they’re a fan. But if there’s one saying that they hate you it’s like, why do they hate me. Like what have I done. I can take criticism, I can definitely take criticism. But if it’s just like a “I don’t like you” then I want to know why people don’t like me. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who didn’t really care that much about what other people thought about them. But I just don’t think I am.”

Louis: “It’s quite frustrating when I tried to comfort him after the performance, nothing I could say could really make that much of a difference. I felt a bit paralyzed, like I really wanna do something for a friend but I couldn’t.”

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